Updated: Dec 18, 2021

I've had a full rewarding career in the financial field of Accounting for over 25 yr helping small and medium businesses thrive.

I've also had the opportunity to live a full life riddled with many wonderful ups and extreme lows relating to; Relationships, Parenting Add/Adhd children, Coping with family addictions, Breast cancer, Separation, Divorce, Spirituality, Bereaving losses, Remarriage, Blended family and Grand parenting experiences.

At 55 feeling somewhat lost, questioning my understanding of my true life purpose, I became worn and developed Anxiety, Stress and PTSD.

Out of survival I explored self help books, therapy, counseling, support groups etc... but nothing really stuck or helped long term. I enrolled myself in a Professional Certified Coaching program and low and behold, I TRIED, I LEARNED, I UNDERSTOOD AND I EXPERIENCED tremendous change!!! Magically it has become my calling...

Everyday is a chance to change your life...

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